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Millions of children around the globe are forced to drop out of school before graduating from high school and millions more will never have the opportunity to set foot in a school.


After recognizing the need and potential in a town nestled in the tropical region of Ecuador, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young set out to establish our first Foundation project, Young Living Academy. Since 2009 the Academy has stood strong as a beacon of hope in the community of Chongón.


Educating the Future Leaders of Ecuador

Education is the key to a better, brighter future. An educated child is less vulnerable to exploitation and is more likely to wait until adulthood to start a family. Students who graduate high school are less susceptible to addiction and are more likely to secure higher paying jobs, marry and have children when they are ready, and raise healthier, more educated children.

263 million children out of school

One in five children around the world ages 6 to 17 is not enrolled in school. While compulsory education varies by country, the number of children out of school is still staggering, with 63.3 million children not in primary school, 61.1 million dropping out by lower secondary or middle school, and 138.5 million not attending or graduating from high school. Financial limitations represent the main barrier to attending school, in which case some families must make the difficult decision to pay to send one child to school or to provide even the most basic necessities for their family.

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*Statistics from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics Database 2016.

What We Support

Since 2009 the generosity of our donors and those who sponsor students have helped The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation provide a quality education in an area at high risk for children dropping out of or never attending school. Additionally, we are able to support efforts to elevate and strengthen the community of Chongón, Ecuador .


Ariana's Story

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At age 12, Ariana, her three sisters, and their mother, Kathy, fled Caracas, Venezuela, to escape a turbulent marriage. Once in Ecuador, Arianna took time away from school to watch after her siblings, and when she resumed classes, it took four hours to commute to school. 

Kathy feared her daughters would never have an opportunity to obtain a quality education; but, luckily, her boss told her about the Young Living Academy. 

Once accepted, Ariana immediately fell in love with everything about her new school. After graduating from the Academy in 2019, she secured a part-time job at the Young Living Experience Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and is attending Ecotec University. 

Learn more about Ariana’s success story and that of a fellow graduate on our blog.

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Together, we can continue to provide opportunity to students at the Young Living Academy and empower them to become leaders in their lives, families, and communities. Learn more about how you can get involved in the movement to elevate our world’s youth and make a difference right where you are today!

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