Meet the People Behind the Mission

The Young Living Foundation team is composed of nonprofit experts, innovative strategists, creatives, storytellers, and humanitarians across backgrounds and professional experiences. Beyond using their time, skills, and talents to further our mission, many volunteer and provide assistance to other local and global nonprofits. Meet our group of do-gooders who are passionate about making change happen.

Arturo Fuentes - Director of Global Philanthropy

Arturo Fuentes

Director of Global Partnerships

Eric Eames - Young Living Foundation Director of Marketing & Operations

Eric Eames

Director of Marketing and Operations

Michelle Inchiglema - Young Living Foundation Manager of Donor Relations

Michelle Inchiglema

Events Manager

Kayla Barnett - Young Living Foundation Communications Manager

Kayla Barnett

Communications Manager

Scott Morris - Young Living Foundation Manager of Special Projects

Scott Morris

Manager of Special Projects