Our Story

“This is what Young Living is about, changing the world one person at a time.”

D. Gary Young

The opening of the Young Living Academy in Chongón, Ecuador in 2009 marked the genesis of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. The Young Living Academy was established in response to Young Living Founders Gary and Mary Young whom, in tandem with building and expanding the Young Living Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery, sought ways to help the surrounding community affected by struggling rural economies, poor education, and under-resourced schools.


Young Living Foundation - Our Story - Gary Young

“All children should have access to education and the resources necessary to grow into confident, self-reliant leaders who can take control of their own health, provide for their families, and positively change their community.”

–  D. Gary Young | Young Living Founder

Impacting the
world since 2009

The Young Living Academy opened its doors on April 14, 2009. Today, more than 350 children are receiving quality education, and many Academy graduates have continued to pursue higher education at various universities. The growth and success of the Young Living Academy has been made possible by many Young Living brand partners around the world who have donated to the school over the years and stepped in to sponsor individual students. Even today, the majority of the Academy’s costs continue to be funded entirely by Young Living brand partners and employees.

Inspired by one man's commitment to give back, the Young Living Foundation continues to grow as we look to protect and empower our world's young. 

A better world
for all of us

Over the years, the Young Living Foundation has evolved into the primary avenue through which Young Living Essential Oils demonstrates its commitment to helping families and communities worldwide. Gary ran the Foundation as Chairman of the Board until his passing in 2018. His example of serving others continues to guide the growth of the Foundation.

Today, we have expanded from our beginnings in Chongón, Ecuador to supporting partners and programs around the globe.

Learn more about where the Foundation has worked over the years.


Young Living Foundation - Our Story - Gary Young

“When you smile, the world smiles. When you laugh, the world laughs. When you change little things inside of you, the world changes. When you are happy, the world is happy. When you feel love, the world is loved.”

—  D. Gary Young | Young Living Founder