The generosity and support of countless Young Living brand partners, organizations, employees, and friends have been the driving force of our Foundation–making it possible for us to impact over 1 million lives around the world since 2017!

We can't thank our donors enough for their generous and life-changing support. Each of these organizations and individual philanthropists have contributed $25,000 or more to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation.

(Top donors from 2017–2023 are listed in alphabetical order.)

$1 million+

Young Living Foundation Legacy Donors

Top Contributors - Max and Karen Hopkins

Max & Karen Hopkins


Young Living Foundation Legacy Donors

Top Contributors - Just One Drop LLC

Just One Drop LLC

Top Contributors - Scott and Brenda Schuler

Scott & Brenda Schuler


Young Living Foundation Legacy Donors

Top Contributors - Kathy Breen

Kathy Breen
Top Contributors - Crystal & Verick Burchfield

Crystal & Verick Burchfield
Top Contributors - Dr. Tom & Evangeline Reed

Dr. Tom & Evangeline Reed
Gordon & Corie DeVries - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Gordon & Corie DeVries
Top Contributors - Diane Bernadine Fischer

Diane Fischer
Top Contributors - Jim & Danette Goodyear

Jim & Danette Goodyear
Top Contributors - Jeanmarie Hepworth

Jeanmarie Hepworth
Top Contributors - Laura & Jonathan Hopkins

Laura & Jonathan Hopkins
Top Contributors - Sera & Darren Johnson

Sera & Darren Johnson
Top Contributors - Star Moree

Star & David Moree
Top Contributors - Oily Wisdom LLC

Oily Wisdom LLC
Top Contributors - Anonymous Donor



Young Living Foundation Legacy Donors

Top Contributors - A Heart for Oils LLC

A Heart for Oils LLC
Top Contributors - Debbie & Mike Amy

Debbie & Mike Amy
Top Contributors - Maria & Lavinius Ana

Maria & Lavinius Ana
Top Contributors - Anna-Maya Powell LLC

Anna-Maya Powell LLC
Top Contributors - Arete Legacy LLC

Arete Legacy LLC
Top Contributors - Laurie Azzarella

Laurie Azzarella
Top Contributors - Sabra Ballerstein

Sabra Ballerstein
Nicole Barczak - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Nicole Barczak
Terry & Ladonna Beals - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Terry & Ladonna Beals
Top Contributors - D Stewart Enterprises Inc

D Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Top Contributors - Allison Mccune Davis

Allison McCune Davis
Top Contributors - Developing Wellness, Inc.

Developing Wellness, Inc.
Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD
Top Contributors - DJS-Intl Inc.

DJS-Intl, Inc.
Top Contributors - DM Nonman Inc

DM Nonman, Inc.
Top Contributors - Alyssa & Troy Francis

Alyssa & Troy Francis
Top Contributors - Fuller Life Wellness Pte LTD

Fuller Life Wellness Pte LTD
Top Contributors - Lori Gasca

Lori Gasca
Top Contributors - The Garner Family

The Garner Family
Top Contributors - David & Teresa Gingles Dba Gingles Family LLC

David & Teresa Gingles
Top Contributors - Helena & Norman W. Goodyear

Helena & Norman
W. Goodyear
Top Contributors - Maggie & Todd Grayson

Maggie & Todd Grayson
Jane Hanson - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Jane Hanson
Carol & Ben Howden - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Carol & Ben Howden
Pamela Hunter - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Pamela Hunter
Rachel Jamiro - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Rachel Jamiro
Top Contributors - Carl J. Janicek

Carl J. Janicek
Top Contributors - Jerri-Anne Hudson Joyner

Jerri-Anne Hudson Joyner
Top Contributors - JY Serenity Scents

JY Serenity Scents
Top Contributors - Gretchen King-Ann

Gretchen King-Ann
Top Contributors - Kate Kowalczyk Dba Instant Results

Kate Kowalczyk
Top Contributors - Karen Lambert

Karen Lambert
Top Contributors - Live Young Now International Ministries

Live Young Now International Ministries
Top Contributors - Kim Lucas

Kim Lucas
Top Contributors - Made Simply Pure, LLC

Made Simply Pure, LLC
Top Contributors - Stacie & Todd Malkus

Stacie & Todd Malkus
Karen Malone - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Karen Malone
Top Contributors - Summer Ashley Seckler Mast

Summer Ashley
Seckler Mast
Top Contributors - Elisa McClure

Elisa McClure
Top Contributors - Connie Marie Mcdanel

Connie Marie McDanel
Pat McLean - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Pat McLean
Top Contributors - Oil Social Club

Oil Social Club
Oily Bandwagon LLC - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Oily Bandwagon LLC
Top Contributors - Our House of Life LLC

Our House of Life LLC
Top Contributors - Melissa & Wayne Poepping

Melissa & Wayne Poepping
Top Contributors - Gabriela Ristow-Leetz

Gabriela Ristow-Leetz
Top Contributors - Rodgers Wellness, LLC

Rodgers Wellness, LLC
Top Contributors -Phil & Janet Rutledge

Phil & Janet Rutledge
Top Contributors - Nancy Sanderson

Nancy Sanderson
Top Contributors - Nikia & Sam Schiffner

Nikia & Sam Schiffner
Top Contributors - Kelley A. Schwartz

Kelley A. Schwartz
Top Contributors - Teri Secrest

Teri Secrest
Top Contributors - Shepard's Gate

Shepard's Gate
Top Contributors - Alan & Linda Simpson

Alan & Linda Simpson
Top Contributors - John & Michelle Skoczek

John & Michelle Skoczek
Top Contributors - Marcella Vonn Harting LLC

Marcella Vonn Harting LLC
Top Contributors - Wallace For Life LLC

Wallace for Life LLC
Top Contributors - Mary Colleen Margaret Ward

Mary Colleen Margaret Ward
Top Contributors - Amelia Weaver

Amelia Weaver
Top Contributors - Weils To Wellness LLC

Weils to Wellness LLC
Top Contributors - Ellen & Oli Wenker

Ellen & Oli Wenker
Rebekah Wolfe - Young Living Foundation Top Donors

Rebekah Wolfe
Top Contributors - Myra & Ernie Yarbrough

Myra & Ernie Yarbrough
Top Contributors - YL Family Inc.

YL Family, Inc.
Top Contributors - Kristi Zittle

Kristi Zittle
Top Contributors - Anonymous Donor

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