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“I am so passionate and inspired daily when I read about the Young Living Foundation and all of the people they are impacting globally. I am blessed to know that when I make a donation, every single penny counts.”

—  Amy Wadlington |  Young Living Brand Partner

Commonly Asked Questions

We believe the most powerful forms of social change happen at the crossroads of partnership and collaboration. Partnering with local nonprofits, international NGOs, and socially-driven enterprises allows us to maximize impact, address complex societal issues, and geographically expand our mission and programs responsibly – in a manner that integrates local culture and context into effective social development practice.

Partners can be any organization, nonprofit, or social enterprise that has a stake in striving to address a societal need and/or improve conditions for a marginalized group. A local partner is any entity with whom an alliance allows us to generate a greater impact than either organization could achieve on its own.

Organizations seeking to partner with the Young Living Foundation can email a letter of inquiry to This one-page write-up should include a high-level description of the organization’s mission and services. A representative of the Foundation will then be in touch to further discuss next steps in our vetting process.

We first identify community needs that align with our mission and three focus areas. These could include, for example, low graduation rates, high prevalence of labor exploitation, or noteworthy gender gaps in secondary school. Then, we pinpoint potential partners; making a list of all organizations and stakeholders also working to improve the same conditions we’ve identified through our own analyses. When we discover a strong match, we move onto our partner vetting process for a deeper dive into the organizational health, historical impact, value alignment, and financial integrity; and then design and implement a strategy to carry out desired outcomes.

We seek partnerships whose program services and outputs align with the Young Living Foundation’s focus pillars and allow us to accelerate our mission. Strong candidates are organizations whose programs and beneficiaries are found in markets with a considerable amount of Young Living brand partners.  

We undergo a rigorous due diligence process on every organization the Young Living Foundation partners with. Our vetting process involves organizational and programmatic analyses of the following:  

  1. Evidence of organization’s impact. Robust evaluation methods that use both qualitative and quantitative data to measure and guide program effectiveness and implementation.
  2. Legally registered charity in good standing. We collect and review legal documentation for any organization we partner with to ensure they meet all nonprofit requirements of their local government.
  3. Financial efficiency and transparency. We review the financial history, health, and cash position of each organization along with assessing their fiscal transparency.
  4. Organizational Leadership. We review organization’s leadership team, board of trustees/directors, and project implementers to assess appropriate expertise required to run successful programs.
  5. Undergo a background security check. We perform a background security check on each organization we partner with to ensure they have a transparent, reputable, and honest track record.
  6. Capacity to scale responsibly. We evaluate organization’s programming and ensure their structure, strategy, and staffing is adequate to scale responsibly and sustainably.
  7. Ongoing monitoring and reporting. Each partnership maintains regular dialogue with the Foundation while submitting monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on programmatic impact and fiscal accountability.
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