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Wild Organics

Women in Nepal can often face severe stigma in the workplace, manifested in underpayment and lack of childcare options. Wild Organics is a Nepalese organization that provides a safe working environment where crafters are paid above-average salaries and given benefits, including paid time off for family issues or holidays. The single mothers, widows, and women with husbands working abroad—all members of Wild Organics--can bring their young children to work with them so that they can make a living while watching over them. These positive working conditions are rare in Nepal, yet they are key for enabling stable employment and true opportunity for women and families from underprivileged backgrounds.

Young Living Foundation - Wild Organics - Developing Enterprise - Artisans
Young Living Foundation - Wild Organics - Developing Enterprise - Artisans

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Women provided employment


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I'm Sarita

Before working at Wild Organic Exports, Sarita’s family relied entirely on her husband’s income. When Sarita brought home her first paycheck, it was like her family sighed a breath of relief. This job provided them with increased stability, allowing Sarita to experience greater confidence for the future. In 2020, her husband lost his job, leaving Sarita as the sole provider within the home. Because of Sarita’s work with Wild Organic Exports, Sarita’s family was able to keep food on the table. This job has enabled her to send her children to a better school, save money for the future, and have more confidence regarding her family’s ability to overcome hardship. “During the Coronavirus lockdown, my husband lost his job and we were in a financial crisis. We had around $600 in our savings account in a cooperative bank, but I still had my job at Wild Organic Exports. My husband was so supportive that he started doing the household chores, because he was home and I was at work. Sometimes, I wonder how difficult it would have been if we just depended on his job."