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Sponsor a student in South Africa through our partner TSIBA, and we’ll match your donation to double your impact.

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“Education is the civil rights struggle of our generation, requiring the biggest expansion of educational opportunity in modern history.”

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UN Special Envoy for Global Education

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overcoming barriers

We are thrilled to partner with TSIBA Business School to support ambitious students and help them become the economic citizens and future leaders that South Africa needs. South Africa has the third highest rate of youth unemployment in the world. Since TSIBA’s first graduation ceremony 10 years ago, however, over 90 percent of TSIBA Bachelor of Business Administration degree graduates are engaged in permanent employment or postgraduate studies. 

Most of the youth TSIBA works with come from harsh socioeconomic backgrounds, where many experience pressure to engage in crime and join gangs to survive. Through our partnership with TSIBA, we can reach more youth in South Africa facing barriers to employment and higher education, and change the course of their lives.

we can empower
the dreams
of others.

We’ve identified 16 incredible students, all coming from poverty-stricken households, who are driven to succeed academically and professionally and want to give back to their communities.

You can help one or more of these 16 deserving and determined young people rise above their circumstances. Your donation will be matched with funds from the D. Gary Young Global Leadership Fund for Higher Education, doubling your impact.

Your support will help a purpose-driven student by providing him or her with a scholarship to study at TSIBA Business School.

Here's how each student will benefit: 

 Gain access to quality post-secondary education

Gain access to quality post-secondary education

 Work toward an entrepreneurial leadership degree

Work toward an entrepreneurial leadership degree

 Learn from experienced faculty and industry experts

Learn from experienced faculty and industry experts

 Reach their academic potential & lead social change

Reach their academic potential and lead social change

“This funding will motivate me to succeed and give back to the hundreds of black ambitious children who come from similar backgrounds and lack financial stability to pursue careers of their own choice. The future—my future—is unpredictable and is solely my responsibility, and this is why every day is a battle of trying to make it. That’s why I am grateful for this opportunity that would allow me to become a beacon of hope to all those who feel and felt it was impossible to flourish due to poverty-stricken backgrounds and circumstances.”

—  Sylvia | Young Living Global Scholar