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Review the following requirements to become a Passion in You Project Leader:

  • Passion in You Project Leaders must be a Young Living brand partner in good standing or a current Young Living employee for at least six months.
  • Project Leaders must agree to the following expectations:
    • Project Leaders must collaborate with a charitable organization to determine an immediate project or need that the funds will be designated to.
    • Project Leaders must coordinate all fundraising efforts for the project.
    • Project Leaders must share stories and photos of their experience once it has been completed.
  • Young Living brand partners or employees will only be selected as Passion in You Project Leaders once every two years.
  • Project Leaders who are Young Living brand partners must have a “Project Partner” that is a Platinum or above for projects aimed at fundraising a total of $10,000 USD or more. Click here to learn more about Project Partners. This requirement does not apply to Young Living employees.
  • The Project Leader must submit the Passion in You application in English. Please note that all funding will be processed in USD.

Based on the above criteria, are you still eligible to apply?

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