Mabira Collective

Handcrafted in Uganda

Mabira Collective is a women-led social enterprise that provides stable employment to women in Uganda. By providing financial stability and educational opportunities, Mabira empowers women to become advocates for change in their communities. Mabira provides benefits like school-fee sponsorship for their children and health care as well as training in small business development, literacy, and health. The artisans also receive paid maternity leave, on-sight childcare, work from home options, and opportunities to advance into management positions.

Items handcrafted by Mabira Collective

Each purchase empowers women artisans 


Fair pay hours provided


Women provided employment


Dependents supported 

Featured Artisans

  •  Mabira Collective - I’m Eve  - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Eve
    I'm Eve

    “I have three children who are my world. Before Mabira, I was only able to think about how I could find food for them each day. Now I look to the future and am working to own a home. Because of my hard work, my children have enough to eat and are enjoying going to school.” 

    At one point, Eve lived on the edge of subsistence and was just one setback away from having nothing. Her husband abandoned the family, and she struggled to make a living by doing laundry work. Sometimes she earned enough to provide one meal a day to her three children, but sometimes they went without. Deeply committed to her children’s welfare, Eve felt like she was falling short as a mother and provider. 

    All of that changed when she joined Mabira Collective. She learned how to make beautiful jewelry, and, for the first time, she got paid what she deserved. She also received medical benefits and business management training. She quickly advanced into a production manager position and went from struggling to find food to saving money and starting her own business selling children’s clothes. 

  •  Mabira Collective - I’m Cissy  - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Cissy
    I'm Cissy

    “I am a single mother and before Mabira I used to carry water for work. It was so difficult, but I had no other choice for a job. I didn’t stay with my children and they didn’t have that love of a mother, but now we have a good relationship. I’ve become self-reliant and help my children attend school because Mabira pays for their school fees.” 

    Before she found Mabira, Cissy earned money by carrying heavy water jugs on her head for hours in the hot sun. She didn’t have other opportunities to earn a living to support her two sons, Edmond and Elvis. With the fair pay and stable income, she makes working at Mabira, she is now able to save, and Cissy plans to start a boutique selling new clothes after graduating from the Mabira program. 

  •  Mabira Collective - I’m Cathy  - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Cathy
    I'm Cathy

    “My husband was killed by robbers and life became difficult because I had nowhere to take my children. My life since then changed, because of Mabira. We are eating lunch and supper every day, and when they are sick, I can take them to the hospital because I can provide.” 

    Cathy used to run a charcoal stand, but she lacked enough capital to turn a profit. She hopes to learn the skills necessary to one day open a hotel, farm, or even reopen her charcoal business. Cathy is a busy single mother of five and is focused on making sure they receive the best education. Cathy is grateful to be able to afford to send all her children to school for the first time since she started at Mabira, and her son has now graduated from college, which she couldn’t be prouder of.  



Stacking Diffuser Bracelets

Impact stats from this order:

  • 43,721  – Fair pay hours provided
  • 225 – Women provided employment
  • 780 – Dependents supported

Clay Ornament

Impact stats from this order:

  • 208,400 – Fair pay hours provided
  • 752 – Women provided employment
  • 3,008 – Dependents supported

Recognition Bracelets

Impact stats from this order:

  • 4,605  – Fair pay hours provided
  • 56 – Women provided employment
  • 176 – Dependents supported
Stone Bracelet

Impact stats from this order:

  • 1,300  – Fair pay hours provided
  • 62 – Women provided employment
  • 159 – Dependents supported