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Young Living Foundation - Free Women - Developing Enterprise - Artisans


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Free Women is a women-created organization that empowers female artisans with financial independence. This group employs women from Afghanistan and other conflict regions who have fled oppression and abusive environments to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah. As refugees, these women work hard to provide for their children. A series of grants and orders from the Young Living Foundation helped Free Women acquire much-needed work space and equipment to improve their ability to earn an income and obtain job security to become truly free women.

Young Living Foundation - Free Women - Developing Enterprise - Artisans
Young Living Foundation - Free Women - Developing Enterprise - Artisans

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Featured Artisans

  •  Free Women - I’m Hanifa  - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Hanifa
    I'm Hanifa

    “In Pakistan, we were refugees for two years. I was always scared. I lived alone there and had to protect my children. Here, I have my own business, my own account, and my own money. My children can play; they have freedom. It feels stable. I used to be scared, but I am not scared anymore.” 

    Hanifa, a refugee originally from Afghanistan, arrived in the United States after facing years of abuse, discrimination, and fear. In Utah, she started an organization, Free Women, which seeks to empower and provide stability to refugee women through employment and skills development. 

  •  Free Women - I’m Asifa  - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I’m Asifa
    I’m Asifa

    As a 16 year old refugee from Afghanistan, Asifa has experienced a lot of hardship in her life. When she was nine years old, her family escaped to Pakistan where they lived until their resettlement in Utah. Asifa draws upon the strength and resilience of her mother, Hanifa, the founder of Free Women, as she navigates her own unique challenges and begins to think about what the future holds for her. Asifa has helped her mom with various orders, giving her the opportunity to earn her own money and practice independence.  

    “My mom did not have a good life in Afghanistan. She went through a lot of difficulties, but she managed to open her own business. It makes me feel good, because if my mom can do it with all of the hardships that came her way, then I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it and if I really want it.”