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Asha Handicraft

Asha Handicrafts Association is a fair-trade organization that provides sustainable work to artisans and access to education and healthcare for their children. Asha means "HOPE" in Sanskrit. Hundreds of artisans and producer groups depend on Asha Handicrafts for assistance throughout India. They are a society formed with the objective of preserving crafts of India while providing fair wages to workers. Asha reinvests their profits in their employees and give women an opportunity to work and grow in a safe environment.

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Featured Artisans

  •  Asha Handicrafts - I'm Lata - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Lata
    I'm Lata

    Lata’s family has always faced the adversity of poverty. With her father earning barely enough, they often wondered if they would eat another meal. With great difficulty, Lata has studied up till the 10th standard and is proud, yet grateful, to have done so. 

    To help her family financially, Lata started looking for work as soon as she turned 18 years and worked in jobs that didn’t pay well and weren’t as safe for a young woman. When she found work with Asha, she was trained to become a quality control inspector and has excelled at her role. Today, Lata is enjoying a happily married life and loves her work, because of the financial stability it gives her family. 

  •  Asha Handicraft - I'm Preeti - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Preeti
    I'm Preeti

    One of Preeti's biggest regrets was not being able to finish school. Her family couldn’t afford to pay the school fees and her parents’ had a negative attitude toward girls being educated beyond primary school. Plus, her family's financial condition forced Preeti to perform odd jobs instead of going to school. When she was 18 her father passed away, so she looked for full time work to help support her family. That’s when she found Asha, where she was hired as an apprentice wood polisher. Preeti is happy that she can help support her family and hopes for a bright future. She is grateful for Asha and how they support their artisans with fair pay and provide safety and security in the workshop.

  •  Asha Handicrafts - I'm Seema - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Seema
    I'm Seema

    Seema grew up in poverty, after the death of her father her mother struggled to provide and the family survived in a highly unstable situation. Seema was married very young through an arranged marriage but sadly, after the birth of her son, her husband left her. She found work with Asha and trained to be an expert woodworking artisan. Seema is proud that she can take care of her son all by herself and hopes to provide him with a good education.