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Amira Arts

Amira Art’s mission is to employ women artisans from marginalized communities to create economic and sustainable living opportunities. They aim to break the gender and inequality gap by investing in vocational training, literacy programs, safe working conditions, and providing fair wage opportunities to their workers. Artisans are trained using age-old skills passed down from generations along with modern ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.  

Items made by this women-led business

Each purchase creates lasting change


Fair pay hours provided


Women provided employment


Dependents supported 

Featured Artisans

  •  Amira Arts - I'm Neelofar - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Neelofar
    I'm Neelofar

    “This job provides better working conditions than what I’ve previously experienced. Before this job, I was working as an assistant with a local tailor, but my wages were extremely low and not enough to meet basic needs. I am now able to pay for my little brother and sister to go to school. I also can save money so that I can participate in higher education sometime in the future.”

  •  Amira Arts - I'm Nighat - Young Living Foundation Developing Enterprise
    I'm Nighat
    I'm Nighat

    “Previous jobs I’ve held have paid very low wages for the same amount of work. This job provides decent working conditions, which I have not had access to in the past. I am now able to afford school and better food for my daughter.”