Venezuelan Refugee Education, Medical Care, and Basic Necessities Project

in partnership with Hope Worldwide Utah
Project location: La Municipal Uribia en La Guajira, Colombia

Over 5.1 Million Venezuelan refugees have left their homes to find relief from economic oppression and political violence. Colombia is the largest receiver of these refugees with up to 5,000 people crossing into the country every day. People walk for weeks to reach the border or they risk a very dangerous 3-day journey in the ocean using small fishing boats. When they arrive, they have no food, water, protection or hope. Almost every refugee who comes through our clinic is a victim of violence. Many women have been raped by their smugglers while traveling through the jungle and many have been forced to sell themselves to feed their children. Many families who cannot afford to send their whole family to Colombia will send all their children with one aunt in the family. This results in a very large ratio of children to adults, increasing the vulnerability and victimization of minors. Hope Humanitarian partners with local medical professionals to set up temporary medical clinics where we provide trauma therapy, STD care, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dental care, food, hygiene supplies, and clothing for individuals soon after they arrive in Colombia. We also provide child care to keep hundreds of kids from running through the clinic while our providers are caring for their guardians. Our team entertains the children by teaching them about hand washing, teeth brushing, and through music and games to lift their spirits. Our workers receive trauma training to interact with youth in ways that support healing and hope.

$20,004.08 of $22,750 goal

$10,004.08 // donated

$10,000 // matched

Ashlie Williams
Lehi, UT
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