ReleaseSARA - Essential Oils for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

in partnership with ReleaseSARA
Project location: Rockledge, FL United States

When survivors leave "the life," they still have a long, hard road to walk as they heal from all of the emotional trauma they've endured. ReleaseSARA comes alongside survivors and provides them with essential oils which they can use as tools alongside other forms of restorative care. Essential oils can provide support to help with unresolved feelings or life's challenges; the sense of smell is linked directly to the area of the brain where emotions are processed and memories are stored.

Every $10 donated to ReleaseSARA helps one more survivor of sex trafficking and 100% of your donation will go toward supporting our mission: to donate 10,000 bottles of essential oils to survivors of sex trafficking by 2030 because we believe survivors deserve to release the emotional trauma and flourish into their future.

$20,640 of $20,000 goal

$10,640 // donated

$10,000 // matched

Lauren Johnson
Rockledge, FL
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